October 26, 2009


It is amazing to me how out of touch the government is with the people of this country. I honestly believe that they are like a bunch of kids with a chemistry kit, they just have to play with it regardless if they are making anything meaningful or not, even at the risk of blowing up the house. Consider this paragraph from Rasmussen today:
Perhaps the most stunning aspect of the numbers is how stable they have been through months of debate, town hall protests, presidential speeches, congressional wrangling, and more. With the exception of bounces following nationally televised presidential pitches for the plan, support has stayed between 41% and 46% since July. In all cases, the intensity has been with the opposition as the number who Strongly Oppose the bill has remained nearly double the number who Strongly Support it. Rasmussen Reports is tracking support for the plan on a weekly basis.

It is obvious that the American people are not buying this. Rather than reset and try to do something that would gain support, they accuse the public of being uninformed and continue to play around with it like the fate of the nation depends on it. The truth is the fate of the nation depends on them not doing it, at least the way they are going about it. But they are so obsessed with their power to fiddle with society they can not help themselves.

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