October 28, 2009

The Creep

Back in the seventies when it seemed that everything in America was broken and needed to be fixed, actually like today, there were a couple of problems that not surprisingly our Federal Government was hell bent on solving.

The first was the prices for oil, thus gas was going through the roof due to a new global entity called OPEC. So our ever attuned leaders in Washington decided to tackle the problem by creating the Department of Energy to come up with ways to make us energy independent-how's that one working out?

Another problem that desperately needed to be addressed was the "crisis" in our schools. The crisis being that American students were starting to slip in education as compared to the rest of the world. Having graduated from high school in '73 I will take my share of responsibility for this trend. So the Federal Government created The Department of Education-how's that working out?

Not that these two massive bureaucracies don't do anything, they just don't do what they were tasked to do. They have not solved the problem they were created to fix. Based on their actual results The "BIG E's" as I call them are complete and utter failures. Yet we have poured literally hundreds of billions of dollars into these institutions, why? How does this happen?

I call it the BIG GOVERNMENT CREEP. It is when a program, a department, a piece of legislation or any number of other entities is created by government usually with a logical reason, though not always and sometimes with good intentions, less often, and then it just sort of grows into something far beyond it's original intent.

How does this happen ? Simple really, just because legislation is enacted even when safeguards and restrictions are applied to it, that does not mean that future politicians or the same politicians for that matter can not later change the legislation etc to fit some new agenda.

Glenn Beck in his book Common Sense points to several example of this, the most egregious being the personal income tax. Today we can not imagine an America without an IRS yet less than a century ago there was no personal income taxes in America. They were enacted with all the requisite assurances and promises of restraint which have long since been forgotten and are just the frustrated legacy of generations now diseased. We have moved on as a nation carrying the burden of a cumbersome inexplicably complex tax code on our shoulders, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Big Government Creep works that way. My children never lived without the Big E's along with countless other government agencies, regulations, etc that came into being before they were born, but now they just are. Once my generation is gone there will be nobody around to point out what colossal failures the Departments of Energy and Education are, they will just be there sucking up generation after generations of wealth without even having accomplished the very thing they were created to fix.

Big Government Creep is a consuming thing that ultimately destroys all societies that succumb to it's deceitful charms. It makes a mockery of the American ideal that the people are sovereign. indeed The Creep can not exist without diminishing then ultimately destroying the ideal of individual liberty. The Creep is the what created America:

-Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.

And the Creep is what is now in the process of destroying America.

Big Government Creep is the cancer that eats at our Republic far worse than any other political or economic ill. In fact the Creep is the source of nearly all of America's political and economic ills. The Creep is the pusher, the source for special interests and lobbyist.

The Creep is the temptress which turns our servants into power hungry elitist who no longer are of the people but rather over the people. The Creep attracts the power hungry and The Creep turns once honorable men into lustful creatures in a constant search for their precious- their precious, their precious political power.

The Creep is an all consuming glutton devouring enterprise in the name of regulation and conformity while spewing forth tyranny upon the entrepreneur and restraining innovation. The Creep devours mighty titans of industry and commerce to feed an insatiable appetite for power and control.

The Creep is the harlot that opens her legs to the masses promising comfort and joy demanding liberty as the payment for her enticing gifts. With a wink and a heartless smile the Creep leaves the citizen broken and soiled by her very touch, trapping them in the clutches of her duplicitous snare.

The Creep is the enemy of freedom, the friend of tyrants and the destroyer of lives and The Creep is firmly entrenched in our nation and

the Creep wants you.

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