March 21, 2012

Now That's Leadership!

Via-American Spectator

By Ross Kaminsky

Paul Ryan's courageous budget is a challenge not only to Democrats to get our collapsing fiscal house in order but also to nervous Republicans.

...The House Republican budget contrasts mightily, in approach and in the numbers, with President Obama's recent budget, which could be entitled "The Path to Bankruptcy and Dependency," and with the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate's budget which, as Rep. Ryan subtly reminds us, does not exist. But it also throws down a gauntlet to Republican presidential candidates, pressing them to emphasize pro-growth economic policies more clearly and more aggressively.

The focus on foundational principles is neither idle talk nor only of academic interest to Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) whose "expression of…principles, vision, and philosophy of governing" is captured in the budget document. It is a philosophy and a budget that aim to put the U.S. back on track toward fiscal sanity and toward the uniquely American vision of limited government at limited cost. As Rep. Ryan's introduction notes, "Effective government is impossible without limits. It is no surprise that trust in government has reached all-time lows as the size of government has reached all-time highs...."

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