October 5, 2009



The following is my personal opinion, based upon my observations and reserch of news reports, on the current direction the country is taking under President Barack Obama. Now that the IOC smackdown of Barack Obama, and his Chicago political allies is old news, I wish to take a look at what is ahead for the U.S. and the Obama administration, and his Congressional Democrat allies. I will try take each of these issues in the order of importance (IMO).

1.) THE ECONOMY AND JOBS: Despite all positive spin that the Obama administration, and the MSM allies have put out for public consumption, that the recession is over, it just isn't so. It is now painfully obvious that the Obama Porkulas Bill was a complete failure, as was the Cash for Clunkers program. There have been reports that Chrysler continues hemerage money, and may not exist six months from now.

The banking industry is again sitting on top of another bubble THAT WILL burst no later than January 2010, caused by the collapse of the commercial real estate market. That collapse of the real estate market will be a direct result of the high double-digit unemployment rate across the entire country. I, and many well known economist, expect a dismal Christmas shopping season.

There is no incentive for private employers to hire employees under the current Obama administration policies. There is only the destruction of wealth occurring, and I have never been hired by a poor employer... Have you???
I do not expect the economy to show any meaningful signs of recovery for the next six to eight months.

2.) HEALTH CARE REFORM Well this remains a problem for Democrats and Obama, because they can not even agree amongst themselves on a health care bill that can pass. Despite Obama's statement in the joint session of Congress that he would listen to, and consider Republican proposals, the Republicans have been shut out by the Democrat leadership in Congress. I am beginning to believe that there will be NO health care reform bill coming out of this session of Congress.

3.) AFGHANISTAN AND IRAN I always suspected, when Barack Obama was elected, that there would be distrust between the Pentagon and the community organizer. I have not been disappointed. That distrust was deepened by AG William Holder now going after CIA operatives that have risked their lives in the field.

In Afghanistan, the top U.S. commander, Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal months ago requested an additiona; force of 40,000 troops to counter the latest Taliban offensive. The General made it clear in that request that the war in Afghanistan could NOT be won without the additional manpower. Obama has put that request, in typical Obama fashion, on the back burner. There was a 25 minute meeting in Copenhagen last Monday. So in all actuallity, Mr. Obama has now spoken with HIS commanding General twice in the last eight months. IMO this is not a good way to endear yourself to the troops, and their commanders.

I expect that Lt. Gen. McChrystal will either resign, or be replaced as the commanding general in Afghanistan within the next three to six months, tops!

On the subject of Iran, I wil keep this short and to the point. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is playing President Obama for the fool that he is, when it comes to foreign affairs. The Obama administration has stated it will give Iran six months to comply in allowing U.N. inspectors into their nuclear facilities...
LMFAO... in six months Iran will already be in possession of at least one, or more nuclear warheads. The even worse news is that they have the means to deliver those warheads on Israel, and parts of eastern Europe. I do not believe that Israel believes that Barack Obama is their Messiah, and will attempt to take out those facilities within the next 90 days.

The bottom line is that if Iran is successful in obtaining nuclear warheads, the aforementioned points about what is ahead for U.S. may be moot!!!

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