October 14, 2009

Statist WH Press Core Bypassing MSM?

Michael Calderon (politico) writes this article explaining how this White House's press corp is more diverse than past admins. Brings up a few questions, imo.

First, is this White House press corps adding to it's "diversity" due to the increase of black and latinos following the president, or because they simply want to be more diverse than past administrations in how they relay information to the media outlets, and why do they feel it is necessary to speak directly to the black/latino community? Aren't we all Americans? Don't the actions of this administration affect us all equally?

Secondly, is there so much information coming from this administration that relates specifically to the black community? Are they inadvertently suggesting that information coming from this administration needs to be worded differently or highlighted in order for the black community to interpret what they're doing?

Not only is this demeaning, it's downright disrespectful in many ways. The White House and it's press core needs to get it's act together. Stop looking at the world and America in terms of class and race and start governing in terms of what's right and wrong. Treat people as equals in the eyes of the government through governance, not special treatment.

I'll tell ya what I think...under the guise of "diversification of information" they'll be handing out talking points directly to the people. This statist press corps doesn't have enough control over the MSM and can't rely on them to get the talking points straight.

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  1. Very good HG, I think the WH press corps is going to get more and more aggressive. They are beginning to see that not only are they being played for fools, they see that people view them that way, that has to hurt