October 3, 2009


As bad as unemployment is read this from Don Surber:

Early retirements mean it is worse than 9.8% unemployment

and in an earlier post he makes this observation;

Doing nothing vs. Obamanomics

Any other President who had put out that projection and so drastically failed on their own projection would have been excoriated by the media and rightfully so. Based on his own projections had we done nothing we would have been better off and a trillion dollars less in debt!

Awhile back I explained how their excuse that the economy was worse than they expected when they made the projections in order to pass the stimulus was nonsense.

It is long past the point where Obama owns this economy and the unemployment. I would not say that had he not pushed the idiotic stimulus package through and sold it on the above projections, but he did. There is no doubt in my mind that doing that has greatly hurt the economy and is going to continue to hurt us for a long time. If they try to help by extending unemployment benefits instead of stimulating the private sector to create real jobs we are screwed. If they pass health care reform that adds an extreme burden on the private sector-we are screwed. If they pass Cap and trade legislation which will greatly increase the price of energy-we are screwed. Basically if Obama gets anything he wants and continues down this path-we are screwed

Enjoy it.

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