October 7, 2009

" not part of my inner circle "

There has been much discussion on the Internet and now in the media about Bill Ayers telling a conservative blogger that he wrote "Dreams of My Father" Although I find this both interesting and telling, I doubt much will come of it unless Ayers pushes it which I doubt he will .

What I do find telling though is why this encounter took place in the first place.

As you remember when the controversy first came up last year regarding Bill Ayers relationship to Obama the MSM downplayed it and refused to truly investigate their connection. Some work was done on it by conservative writers and bloggers but it never really broke into the public consciousness.

Obama with the media's help downplayed any connection he had with Bill Ayers and after McCain finally put him on the defensive about it, Obama said:

"This guy is not part of my inner circle, he doesn't advise my campaign, he's not going to advise me as president,"

Well OK but then why was Ayers in DC to run into the conservative blogger in the first place? He was a featured speaker at the same Educational Conference in DC with both the Under Secretary of Education, Dr. Martha Kanter and The Secretary Of Education Arne Duncan, a fellow Chicagoan,

So Bill Ayers may not be a part of Obama's "inner circle" advising him as president but he is sure running in the same circles with those who are.

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