October 9, 2009

The Law Of Is

There are some things, actually everything, that just is. The older I get the simpler is becomes, let's hope a former President is finding it easier to define is too.

Usually we (humans) complicate things in our never ending quest to understand. Then once we understand we generally are left with a sense of disappointment at the realization that the more we know the more there is to figure out. The cure for this frustrating never ending journey of knowledge is to just accept that everything just is. Or if this is too simple for us inquisitors to stomach, at least accept that certain things we know to be true need no further investigation.

There are many things that humans take credit for that they have absolutely nothing to do with. For example Newton is credited with discovering gravity, of course he did not discover it, gravity was never hiding, it was always there. No you say he explained gravity, OK but he did not create gravity or the laws that define gravity- gravity is. Being a spiritual man I say that God created gravity and gravity and all the other so called laws of science are actually the laws of God. No? You got a better explanation for their existence and how they came to be? Didn't think so.

So here is an "is" we all know to be true. Anything will collapse if it can not support its own weight. We know this is true, without the proper foundation a building will collapse because it can not support its own weight.If I eat Twinkies until I weigh a ton I will not be able to stand because my ankles will not support my weight. Everything has a limit, ultimately there are no exceptions to this law of "nature", "science" or God.

So it is with Government eventually it gets too big to be supported. In fact it is now, we are not supporting it any longer and have not been for awhile. Our government is performing a magic trick, levitating on self manufactured debt hidden behind the curtain of our countries once honorable name and our children's future prosperity. And Government grows ever larger.

Our Government has not only squandered our trust they have turned the honor of our country into a joke and sold our children and grandchildren into slavery, They have done this to feed their seemingly insatiable appetite for power and for their own self aggrandizement. And Government grows ever larger.

Claiming to serve us they have betrayed us. They have betrayed our birthrights as Americans born in Liberty. They shackle us with more and more burdensome regulations on our simple lives claiming it is for our own good yet we grow smaller. And Government grows ever larger.

We worry for our children's future while they steal the richness of our past from their education and devour the fruits of their future labors from their mouths. And Government grows ever larger.

They crucify our freedoms on the cross of their nanny state and tell us they know what is best for us. They know best as they run up trillions and trillions of dollars in debt taking from those who do to pay for the votes of those who do not. The achievers are the villains and the slothful are the victims and the true victim is America. And Government grows ever larger.

There IS a simple truth, nothing can stand if there is nothing there to support it. Let those who have ears -hear.

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